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Welcome to Inverness Hotels. We scour the internet to locate the best available prices for your hotel accommodation, whether your stay in Inverness is for business or holiday. Use the search box on this page to find the best Inverness hotel bargain for your vacation. Rest assured that there are no hidden charges on our Inverness hotels prices: there are no booking fees or other small print. When you reserve your Inverness hotel online you can confirm your booking with your credit or debit card and then pay your chosen hotel when you leave at the end of your stay.

Holiday Inn Express Inverness Bannerman Bed and Breakfast Columba Hotel
Holiday Inn Express Inverness
Stoneyfield, Inverness
Bannerman Bed and Breakfast
47 Glenurquhart Road, Inverness
Columba Hotel
7 Ness Walk, Inverness
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The Royal Highland Kingsclub & Spa By The Bridge Apartments
The Royal Highland
Station Square, 18 Academy Street, Inverness
Kingsclub & Spa
Culcabock Road, Inverness
By The Bridge Apartments
Bridge Street, Inverness

The northern-most city in the United Kingdom is Inverness - a city steeped in enigmatic history. It is situated at the point where the famous river Ness enters the Inverness and has a natural beauty of its own. The Inverness hotels in the capital of the Highlands of Scotland reach out with warmth and luxurious comfort.

The accommodations available in Inverness are of a varied range. There are bed and breakfast accommodations, self-catering cottages, three star and four star hotels, caravans to live in and houses on rent. Some Victorian villas have been designed as hotels with all modern amenities and yet retaining their old-world charm. Each and every one of them is unique in its ambience and service style.

The banks of the river Ness is quite a favorite spot for most visitors because of its picturesque settings. Stay at some of the quaint old cottages, rich with heritage and now turned into cozy hotels in and around Inverness. The location of some of these hotels is so merged into the natural surroundings; you may never want to leave.

Look out from your hotel room at the morning mist settling on the river ever so gently. Waking up in the mornings can be delightful in these places of stay as you watch the dolphins playing on their way to the Moray Firth. Or listen to the quiet waters lapping up on the shores of Beauty Firth.

Some of these cottages-cum-hotels have been around for five hundred years and have a story to tell. Famous and genteel people have resided in these hotels and maybe even stayed in the same room as yours. Enjoy the same comforts and unobtrusive service while you come and stay at any of Inverness hotels.

The bed and breakfast arrangements in the heart of Inverness provide you with rooms of great quality free parking facility in a private area and free WI-FI connectivity. You can book into the suites or double bedrooms fitted out with television sets and tea/coffee makers. Most of them are pretty close to the station and main market area with restaurants and bars within walking distance. They are also close to the railway and bus stations.

Some high-end hotels located in exclusive spots and yet close to the centre of Inverness city, are great spa centers. They cater to a selected few guests and have facilities of gym, massage suites, salons, business centre, exclusive bars and restaurants. Mostly close to the golf courses, these hotels are a favorite with golf-lovers who come to Inverness to swing their sticks in the famous golf greens of this city.

When you come and stay at the Inverness hotels, take day trips to Loch Ness and see its mysterious beauty. Most of the hotels are within minutes of driving distance from the famous loch of Scotland. You can go on the boat rides and hope to get a sighting of the famous or in-famous "Loch Ness Monster".

While at the Loch Ness visit the nearly-ruined Urquhart Castle, one of the relics of medieval Scotland. The Loch Ness Monster has always been seen near this castle in the past. Pay a visit to the tiny village of Fort Augustus, near the south-end of the loch, through which the Caledonian Canal passes from Inverness to Fort William. Witness the spectacular locks stepping down to Loch Ness as the canal passes through.

Some Inverness hotels are very modern and cater to tourists who prefer to stay within the hustle-bustle of the city. These places provide rooms with facilities like trouser press, hair dryer, satellite TV and tea and coffee making machines. They also have beauty salons, spas, Jacuzzi, sauna, swimming pools and workout centers. You can also park your car free of cost.

Some of the modern and elegant Inverness hotels have garden areas to host wedding celebrations, business meetings or cocktail gatherings. The open air lush lawns overlook the river and provide a scenic background to any celebrations. Their stocks of the best Malt Whiskeys are alluring enough for a stopover when you come here. Some of these places hold live music events on Friday and Saturday nights and the added enticement is an assortment of cocktails.

Some old castles have been turned into elegant and luxurious hotels. The rooms are furnished with four poster beds and marble fireplaces. Relax in the regal luxuries of the past in the modern times; listen to the soft and gentle clinks of the chandeliers above. Taste the finest wines and malts and dine on a repast fit for the kings.

You will find inns just outside the city in small villages with their own individual style and flavor. Located amidst breath-taking surroundings, these quiet abodes give you the same comfort as the ones within the city. The added advantage here could be more history and vibrant nature at your disposal - great for lazy holidays.

There are some boutique accommodations inside the city with romance splurged everywhere. These are ideal places for honeymoon couples or just life partners looking to be together away from the crowd. The rooms are fitted out with hot bath tubs, double showers and individual balconies for the couple to be alone or have meals in.

The city enjoys the coldest winters in UK at -17.8C degrees and the summers can have the mercury hovering around 29C degrees. The months from April to mid August can be safely said to be sunny months in Inverness with its Oceanic climate. If you are here in September you cannot miss the most prestigious solo piping competition for bagpipe players and lovers.

When you are looking for Inverness hotels you will find there is a place for all budgets and tastes, a business visit or a holiday tour. Wherever you prefer to stay, you are bound to find the Scottish scenery and warm nature of the people enveloping you. Gaelic friendliness abounds here and you can pamper your taste buds to your heart's content with the delicious cuisines found in every restaurant.